Shadow Bully

by AM to AM

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released August 14, 2015



all rights reserved


AM to AM New York, New York

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Track Name: Actor
Fine with me
I'll be an actor as you need it
I'm always fighting off ways I evolve to anything unlike you

Fine with me, 
I'll be the witchdoctor wedge to your horror head
I've got 2D hope that tips when you look to it's side
Keep me from the stun of the fight 

then my eye and the sight misalign 
Ive gone off again
You inch to the end

Lens and light to crooked eye
I am off again
One more inch to the end

Fine with me
I won’t wait it out 
while the requested pho-expert explains his telepathy
I spy pho-codes through rusty nerves 
Lightning into a spark, hope money, spark into nullity
Through soap smile attacking teeth

I spot the plastic rock, assume the key inside
Lock me out while I still assume

A statement like Barnum would state it
A cold read when you coldly it read out
Track Name: Tilting At Windmills
Be careful how you talk to me 
Watch it while I'm tilting at windmills, 
Breaking them down with my vines

Move On
Listen to what you verbalize
Listen to how your words decide intent outside your head

You're losing all my pity, spinning the pinwheels that i left
Kicked away at the dirt, you set a trap of a test.

-Shift the Shape-
Jumpstart this blood
I'm watching the spark fly upward
and I can't decode its waining signal to mean
pause the fade,
-Shift the Shape-

So stop
To stir the soot into its smoke
Sweep the dirt and silt of steady bridges  
burned down as I quietly boast

Restart, from the top
I can feel the cues as they are missed
translated to the slaps of my wrists
burn a light and I'll bend the flower heads to it

I’m loosing all my pity
and it's spinning again
pause the fade

(modern witchdoctor- “…and with the machine they will harvest your white cells which you have a lot of. You have a lot of white cells….)
Track Name: Hook and String
You're not right
but its not my place to call you a liar
I'm not terrified of you any longer 
Who am I
to speak to you the way I need to?
Who am I
If I don't speak to you at all

I'm on your hook
I'm on your hook 
Your hook and string (2x)
Pull in the weight (—and/or—) Pulling the weight
Pull away (—and/or—) Pull the weight
Pull me

You're not right
but Its not my time to call out a violation
I don’t know who would sync/<or>/sink with that point of view 
Pivot the point and spin it to a win through illusion
now I can’t speak to that at all

Find me a place in the middle
I can’t dodge and weave in the meantime
Just find me a place
Track Name: Handshake / Heartbreak
I guess it's settled,
Onward. The battle is over.
It hit as hard as it feels
You pinned my heart under your heal

I guess it's settled,
out with the battered molding
I don't care to strip the weak
all this fixing had its fee
so I don't care

This link is overwhelming
This tie is an overwhelming lie
between you and I to second guess till the end

I guess it's settled
its over
un-curse me 
I'm finished pushing problems under rugs
Shine the windows, break the truss 

I guess it's settled
We're construction paper aching for paint
our penciled fingers sketched apart
Shake my hand, break my heart and walk away

This link is overwhelming
This tie is an overwhelming lie
you've been slippin' by me
fuck you, goodbye 
Track Name: Shadow Bully
Shoo shoo my bully shadow 
Get him away from me
If he fights me I'm ready
I can handle him

You- the mock to my scowl
Mirror of my grin
when your light shoots back at me I can't handle that
So don't shoot it back 

CH - 
Please don't be shy with me
While I pick out my weakest points
I hear your footsteps backing away
As if they're on fader 

VS2 -
Shoo shoo my bulky shadow 
Hold him back from me
But your watching the moves he makes
And I can settle for that 
If that's all I get back

You're as grim as a daisy
Crumpled in my pocket
With my tie wrapped in my hand
I will quit again and again

How can you walk with out the effort
How can it be you've swiped my courage 
How will this work if I'm designed
to fall down faster than you 
Track Name: Meet the Wrecking Ball
Am I putting out a fire,
Or setting you to flames? fire away.
and I can feel theres not much distance
between me the wrecking ball and our own way

leave with all you've ever wanted to and flex your surrounding
or fire away

Do you know what could wreck your world?
(a wrecking ball a panic, a riot into you)
Do I look like I need your influence?
(a wrecking ball a panic, a riot into you)

What did I see so deep into you?
If I panic now I'll crumble in your hands
So decide and understand what your doing.
The demise of a soul or liberation in my view

leave with all you've ever wanted to and flex your surrounding
Fire away.
Track Name: Spot Of Light
Oh no
I don't know
what sticks inside your soul

oh know
I don’t know
What sticks inside your soul
I don't know
I don't know
i don't know

Let it go
You outed a victim with your spot of light glare
Let it go
Slither your language out again
You outed a victim

I jot it down
and know the guilty feel guilt
and reset these vocal eyes to rays
articulate my growl, my calm 
shape their crooked lies to praise with their pixel faith
Track Name: Free Static
With an outward breathe
You unconsciously effect the words I speak
I stammer on the ones you want to hear
I think it wasn't worth my best to feel my fear

Think in speak out    
leave out my doubts
You run my days
Breathing my doubts
Free static for all

Awaken my eyelids
You creep into my head
Awaken my eyelids
You creep into my head
again and again and again
leave it alone 

Through make-believe belief
You fight a way to float my frozen feet
I anchor anvils locking soles to street
I can’t get out of my own ears

...think, in speak out 
-  (now introducing) the dolly of my doubt
Free static for all

Flash - ignite me aware
I muddle it up then I stumble
Just at the killing screen
Track Name: Rubric
Into the open words
the conversation's dust
the outer trails of a mental rubric refined

and like that its gone, 
Just like that its gone, 
like that its gone,  
like that it all goes away 

Until my body fails
I'll feel it fighting me well
I'll just try to sell sell sell it another full day 

and like that its gone, 
Just like that its gone, 
like that its gone,  
like that it all goes away